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Messages from Grandad


by David J. Randall

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Today, children are exposed to more difficult life questions from a younger and younger age. “Apologetics” isn’t just for academics, our young people need to understand how a Christian worldview can make sense amongst all the ideas they are hearing from the media, their schools and their friends. “Messages from Grandad” helps fill that need.

The book consists of a year’s worth of letters from a grandfather to a young teenager called Sam.   It discusses some of the issues facing Christian teenagers today.   There are many books for little children but not so many for young teenagers and the book is written in the belief that such people need all the help they can get.  The letters deal with some of the big apologetic issues (“Christianity is just a crutch”, “Science has disproved the Bible”, etc) and is intended to help young people to stand firm in light of the many pressures they face in school and among friends.

David Randall is a retired minister who has served on the Solas Board of Trustees since 2011. This book was published earlier this year by Christian Focus.