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Speak Up – The Law and Your Gospel Freedoms

Speak Up is a new resource from the Evangelical Alliance and the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship to equip and inspire Christians with confidence and knowledge of the current legal freedoms we have to share our faith.


“We have needed something like Speak Up for a long time. It is balanced, informative, clear, well-written, wise, biblical and incredibly helpful. Some Christians think it is illegal for us to share our faith, others almost seem to think it is immoral and yet others are just confused about how and what we can say. This short publication not only sets out the legal position but gives us wise biblical advice which is directly applied to the culture we live in, not the one we used to live in, or the one we wished we lived in. It’s good news that we have the good news and it’s good news that we can tell the good news. Every church and Christian in the UK should have a copy of this wonderful resource.”
– Revd David Robertson, Associate Director, Solas Centre for Public Christianity

Download the full version here or read the summary guide below.