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Living Out: An interview with Ed Shaw

What I am most encouraged by is that in most big evangelical churches (which we are always told are horrible places for LGBT people to be), there are Christians who are same-sex attracted who are living for Jesus. I’ve been really encouraged to find that to be a reality, in evangelical churches all over the UK. It’s really important to also understand that there are people becoming Christians from the LGBT community, today. Now, some people think that that is an impossibility, but it is happening across the UK, and that is actually what encourages me most

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The Panama Papers, Scotland & China plus the LGBT+ re-education plans for Schools | Quantum 62

The Panama Papers. Scotland China Deal. LBGT+ “Re-education” plans for Scottish schools. 52% of people in Scotland are not religious. Download this episode (right click and save)      LINKS The Guardian: What are the Panama Papers? A guide to history’s biggest data leak See also the Guardian’s series on the Panama Papers Herald Scotland: Sturgeon urged to “shred” China …

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The Herald: Leading churchman embarrassed by MSPs protest against Ghana's handling of LGBT issues

SOURCE: David Ross at HeraldScotland.com Leading churchman embarrassed by MSPs protest against Ghana’s handling of LGBT issues The Free Kirk Moderator has apologised to Ghana’s President for the ‘embarrassing’ behaviour of MSPs during the African leader’s recent visit to Holyrood, and has singled out Tory leader Ruth Davidson for criticism. Rev David Robertson said he …

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