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It’s time to stand against atheist agenda and regain the vision for education in Europe.  BY DAVID ROBERTSON    The former British prime minister, Tony Blair, once issued the mantra “education, education, education”. At least he recognised how important the subject is. In this he was echoing the priorities of John Knox who declared that where there was a church, there should be …

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Challenging the Dominant Narrative

Solas book editor GAVIN MATTHEWS talks to acclaimed Christian apologist ALISTER MCGRATH about his new book, Inventing the Universe. Tell us about Inventing the Universe. What is it about, why did you write it, and who is it for?   I wrote it because I wanted to explain the kind of journey I made from being an atheist who thought …

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War correspondent Michael Ware talks to Solas reviewer MARK HADLEY about his new documentary that details his descent into the darkness that is al Qaeda and Islamic State.      RATING:  18+  RELEASE DATE: November/December 2015    He is as Australian as they come and during our interview I get a sense of the “down under” jocularity that must have helped …

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Removing religious education from schools condemns our children to ignorance about a key dimension of human life.  By JOHN DICKSON   IF a devout group of naysayers get their way there will come a time, soon, when there won’t be any  sympathetic religious instruction in our schools. It’s time for those who know the positive benefits …

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